Single Women Over 40

Ladies, if you do a Google search for “single women over 40”, you get a plethora of responses for dating sites, dating advice, finding and keeping the perfect man, things to avoid when online dating…and menopause. Does anyone really think this is all we are interested in these days? If dating is your main focus, then read no further, but I believe these last 4 decades have made you a little deeper, a little richer, and a little wiser.

If you are a single parent, your kids are probably out of the house, or almost so. Your purpose for a long time was raising them. Now you have time for you. This is the time to accelerate your efforts in the workplace. Go for that promotion. If there is some form of education you still need…finish a degree, take some professional training…then get it. It not only shows others you are serious, you give yourself a confidence boost. Maybe you want to switch careers all together. You are still young enough to make the change and old enough to have accomplishments that make you valuable to any organization.

Perhaps your career is going well and you are right on track for where you want to be and where you want to go. Don’t work so hard you forget to take time for yourself. Invest in you. Explore the creative side of your brain. Take a pottery class, learn to tango, take up guitar, do a museum tour in your town. Take up kayaking, go sky diving, learn to scuba. Life is a balance. Think of something you have always wanted to try but always made excuses for. It’s time to quit making excuses.

Maybe work has you burned out. You need a vacation. There are a great number of websites that cater to single, adult only packages. We have a vast number of options such as luxury or adventure style. Some go to the usual tourist destinations; others take you off the beaten path. If you want to just enjoy the trip, you can even go with an all single women over 40’s group. The options are wide open.

We are social beings, and we do want relationships. What we want in a relationship today is far different than what we wanted twenty or even ten years ago. Not just in our love lives, but with our friends as well. Honesty, compassion, integrity are what we desire now. The days of playing games are long past. We want to surround ourselves with those that we trust, who will be honest, and that we can count on in time of need. Usually, this kind of women are not impressed with what car you drive, how much you make, or who you know. She only want to know how you treat her right.

Some people probably have worked hard to get to this point. Hope this article gives you some other things to think about at this beautiful, sensitive stage of life. Enjoy the ride; the best is yet to come.